Togheter in improving salmon health

Occurrence of CMS and the health of the salmon heart can be considered to be one of the biggest challenges that the fish farming industry is facing today. In helping to solve these issues, Pure Norwegian Seafood AS is leading a science project in cooperation with Møreforskning, NTNU/ St. Olavs and Akerblå.

Pures High Quality Salmon

On a yearly basis, 55-60 million salmon die at Norwegian fish farms. However, the salmon at Pure Norwegian have noticeable better health. A science project is induced to give insight in the causes. The results will be beneficial for the entire industry. Hjerte for laksen (Sevaldsen, 2020)

- To understand the mechanisms behind bad and good hearth health of salmon, its beneficial to use Pures high quality salmon as a reference point in comparison with salmon who does not have the same quality standard.
Svein-Erik Gaustad in Møreforsking

Exiting Development

There are a lot of exiting things happening in the field during this time. In addition to this project, Møreforskning has together with NCE Aquatec and Lerøy, started a preliminary project in Trønderlag. The goal is to use the benefits of an interdisciplinary cooperation to discover more about the issues regarding the occurrence of CMS and the hearth health of the salmon.

Earlier this summer scientist Svein Erik Gaustad visited Pure to borrow the salmon. With medical gear, he and his colleague was successful in stopping and reviving a salmon heart. This way they can study the impact a heart attack has on the salmon heart. Its exiting to follow this development, and it’s possible that the outcome of these projects can be very rewarding for the whole industry.