Ministerial Visit At The Atlantic Ocean Road

Along the Atlantic Ocean Road, lies the plot of land where Pure Norwegian Seafood AS wants to build a visitor center. The intention behind the project, is to build relations between people in the aquaculture industry, and people who don’t have knowledge about the industry yet. We aim to give visitors a unique insight into the past, presence and future of the fishery industry, with a heavily weighted focus on high quality salmon and sustainability.

Enthusiasm and Passion

The last couple of days, the minister of fisheries and seafood have been traveling around Møre and Romsdal visiting companies who are contributing to making Norway a leading seafood nation. On Monday, he visited the plot at the Atlantic Ocean Road, where we wish to develop a visitor-center with a sea location only 3-4 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean Road.

CEO Eldar Arne Henden, Chief Business Developer Anders Marthinussen and Travel-Manager Torun Dyrdal presented the plans with enthusiasm. The center will not only spread knowledge about the salmon industry, it will also employ more people, develop Møre and Romsdal as a traveling destination, and be a hub for people in the industry. The project will contribute to many positive synergies for locals, and the regional business environment. It will also take a national role in lifting aquaculture and the tourism industry even further.

The visit was an inspirational experience, and the gathering of enthusiastic people stimulated good conversations and strengthened expectations that the ministry of fisheries will give the green light for setting this project to life.

Eldar Arne Henden (CEO) and Anders Masrthinussen (Chief Buisness Developer) is ready to present the plans for the viewing center