Pure Princess


Quality has always been the first priority for Pure Norwegian Seafood. We are proud to receive good feedback from the world’s finest smokehouses, and both research and improvements have taught us how to farm salmon of the highest quality.

PURE PRINCESS is the result of many years of experience of working on Label Rouge production, and providing the best raw material for demanding customers looking for high quality products from High End and luxury markets.

Selection, feed, space, locations and good treatment by skilled experienced people are key words to achieve a good fish health. The PURE PRINCESS standard is optimized to achieve the highest quality in a sustainable manner.

The Pure Princess Standard

  • Best genetic selection – Gain roe
  • No GMO
  • Feed only from sustainable sources
  • Best performing selection 3-5 Months before harvest
  • 100% focus on fish welfare
  • More space, lower density – max 20 kg/m3
  • No escapes
  • No use of antibiotics
  • Special feeded with 70 % marine diet
  • Omega-3 rich – min 15 % EPA/DHA
  • High color target
  • Low fat content
  • Powerful texture
  • 100% traceability