Meet Brave Heart

Pure Norwegian Seafood AS, is sponsoring the charity organization Brave Heart. Bravehearts founder is former refugee Stephen Kaumba, who in Namsos started collecting empty bottles to send money to a refugee settlement that he had been living in. The refugee settlement is located in Meheba, Zambia. Around 30 000 people live here today, under challenging living conditions.

One small action of kindness that lead to Brave Heart

Today, 10 years after Stephen started collecting empty bottles, Brave Heart is still helping refugees. Brave Heart runs a clinic that treats around 5000 patients yearly, and an orphanage that houses 17 orphans. Furthermore, they contribute to around 300 children getting an education that they otherwise would not have access to. Its meaningful to contribute to young people getting a way out of poverty. Brave Heart has 65 employees, who works in Meheba, giving the refugees better living conditions, education and health care.

Pure Hope Childrens Home

Strengthening societies both at Averøy and in Zambia

Brave Heart is an amazing story about compassion and a will to create a difference for those who live under challenging conditions. Pure Norwegian Seafood AS is a proud sponsor of Brave Heart. We are grateful for having good customers, partners and a business who gives us the opportunity to help. The compassion that Brave Heart and Stephen fronts, is ideals for us. We wish to contribute to building sustainable societies in Norway, but also in other places around the world.

Pure Hope Childrens Home

Are you interrested in learning more?

Visit Brave Hearts Website : https://​www​.bheart​.no/

If you wish to donate to Brave Heart, you can do it through Vipps: 105075